I offer you the chance to learn German in a personal and individualized way! 
People complain about the "Willkür" of German all the time, not knowing, that there is quite a lot of system. As a native German speaker and ongoing teacher, I took the mission to show people, that German is actually not more difficult than any other language and can even be a lot of fun. 

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BLS offers two services to improve your German!


A different way of learning German. You need to practice, but you don´t have any Germans around you to talk to?
Contact me via phone or WhatsApp! 

You tell me the topic you need to talk about and I will practice with you - giving you tips and hints to improve your skills. From A1 level introductions to C2 discussions everything can be covered. 

Prices: 7,50 € / 15 min. 


The "classic" way of learning. Taking online lessons has a lot of advantages, though.
You don´t have to go to other places, you don´t have to get into classes with up to 30 students and you don´t have to waste your time getting results, you could get within a way shorter amount of time. 

Online lessons usually take part in Skype or Hangout and in the Google Classroom. Everything´s there and available for you.

Prepare, practice and succeed!

Prices: 30 € / 60 min


A short description about me and my teaching motivation

As a student for primary school education, my main motivation is to encourage learning by happiness and joy. From 2014 to 2016  I lived abroad and experienced the troubles of not speaking the country´s language. Since I lived in Berlin from summer 2016 I noticed that language schools in Berlin often don´t meet the students´ expectations and needs. Courses are often too full and teachers limited to very specific topics. To solve this problem I offer individual lessons for each of my students. My experience shows, that students, who learn topics they enjoy, keep vocabulary and grammatical rules way faster. 

To enhance the overall progress my students get I studied German grammar and language in my private time to develop a more reasonable system of understanding. That way I worked on my personal learning system, on which the website is based on. BLS is my attempt to show grammatical rules and systems in a simple way - so far proving me right.


To get all the information you need, please read the faq. If you still have questions, please contact me!

Within the normal set of ten up to fifteen basic lessons for the main system students learn:
-to form of grammatically correct sentences and questions
-German cases with concrete explanations
-to build up the present, future, and past tenses
-to use complex sentence structures
-general expressions and idioms
-to differentiate in between common and professional speech

For advanced learners, there are further possibilities to increase their knowledge and understanding by:
-reading out of newspapers/books/articles and analyzing the context
-watching video material and discussing the content
-describing pictures/events and putting them into historical context

On special request, it is also possible to create lectures learning about very specific fields, like:
-reading and discussing law texts
-learning professional jargon in fields of gastronomy, computers etc.
BLS is short for Block Learning Systems. I developed this system to bring a structure in the way of learning German. Each lecture one or more "grammatical" blocks will be added. That way students have a slightly slower, but deepened process of learning, that helps to improve the overall learning experience.
Payment is very simple. If you are currently living in Germany, you can pay via a transaction to my bank account. If you take lessons and live outside of Germany payment via Paypal is possible.

Please be aware, that lessons, as well as phone calls, have to be paid in advance. For more information contact me.
If you are interested in taking lessons, you can contact me and we can have a shorter (up to ~ 30 minutes) test lesson. I want you to be convinced and sure about me as a person - and teacher.

Anyways I don´t want to bind my students by paying 10 lessons ahead. You pay for the service you need. If you have just one problem to solve for your studies, I will be happy to help. If you need me for a longer time, I will be even happier to see your improvement over a longer time.
That is actually up to you. I figured, that some students want to work in books and see their progress by filling the pages and getting from one chapter to another. If you don´t want to buy a book, I have online learning material from A1 up to B1 level to work on.

Furthermore, language is not only studying the grammar and new vocabulary. It´s important to me, that my students get a wide range of German culture, history, and news. To realize that aim I always try to look for new materials and keep myself up to date about the news in Germany.


Read my short lectures, learning tips and perspective on Germans

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